Few words about us

Despre noiIridex Group Plastic, founded in 1993, brings together various fields - constructions, plastics (construction and packaging nets, of agricultural or industrial use), sanitation - having in common the environmental care. The company is the first manufacturer of mesh net from polyethylene (obtained by extrusion) in Romania. Iridex Group Plastic sells a wide range of products such as waste storage containers, bins, road baskets, promoting innovative solutions such as buried and half-buried containers. The company also offers waste equipment to its customers.

In addition, Iridex Group Plastic is number one on the geosynthetics market with a portfolio of collaborations to the environmental infrastructure projects all over the country. The most important cities from Romania, such as Bucharest, Timisoara, Iasi, Craiova, Bacau, Ramnicu Valcea, Brasov, Sibiu, Sighisoara, Targu Mures are the beneficiaries of the municipal landfills made ​​with materials supplied and installed by the Iridex team. Partnerships over 20 years with supplying companies such as Tensar, Cetco, GSE Environmental prove the Iridex seriousness in relation to his business partners.

Iridex Group Plastic provides integrated systems not just materials. Through integrated system, we understand free technical assistance at designing, choice of solutions depending on the project nature (geotechnical, financial, time, architectural), using hundreds of case studies in the last decades as well delivery and free technical assistance at the materials’ installation or their installation at customer request.

For the companies operating in constructions, Iridex offers concrete additives or special materials and services of physical-mechanical and chemical trials by its grade II laboratory ISC authorized and RENAR accredited.

As an answer to the increased request of ecological solutions that meet EU rules regarding the treatment of the organic wastes, Iridex Group Plastic comes with an innovative composting solution, unique in Romania - GORE Cover!