Special building materials

Concrete admixtures

Sanitation products and technologies

Agriculture nets and packaging, construction nets

Geosynthetic materials

ISC authorized laboratory for testing quality of materials and construction works

GORE® Cover Technology



Our products for sanitation field: eurobins ,containers, street and office bins . For agriculture: protection nets, packaging and packing equipment, europallets, boxpallets, irrigation systems


Organic wastes composting: sludge from the sewage treatment plants, green waste, food scraps, animal  waste, agricultural waste, wet fraction from MSW

Iridex Group Plastic invitation for Romenvirotec 2014

Iridex Group Plastic welcomes you during ROMENVIROTEC exhibition that shall take place at ROMEXPO during 26-29 March 2014.


Iridex Group Plastic will showcase plastic eurocontainers with 4 wheels, metalic eurocontainers, semi-buried eurocontainers, underground containers, waste bins and also the GORE Cover technology for organic waste treatment. We welcome you to present news, field innovations and solutions and discuss possible partnerships.