Half-buried containers presented at ISWA International Conference 2013, Bucharest

On 25th - 26th of September 2013 was held in Bucharest the Romania's International Conference on "Sustainable Management of municipal waste.

Concepts and Strategies ", organized for the first time in Romania by the Romanian Association of Sanitation together with the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) and under the patronage of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change. On this occasion, Mrs. Delica Duican, Deputy Manager at Iridex Group Plastic presented "Half-buried containers - effective solution to collect the recyclable waste.

Under this heading were highlighted the features and advantages of the half-buried containers for collecting the recyclable waste. Summary presentation was published in the number 4 of Sanitation magazine. The article can be viewed here: Sanitation 4/2013 (RO)
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