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UTCB Presentation - bituminous waterproofing membranes in civil engineering

IRIDEX GROUP PLASTIC and INDEX CONSTRUCTION SYSTEMS & PRODUCTS held a presentation, on 10.07.2015, to the students of the Faculty of Civil, Industrial and Agricultural Buildings, third year, series A and C, specialatatile Civil Engineering, Urban Engineering and Regional Development, Economic Engineering in Construction.

The event was held in the premises FCCIA, I.1 amphitheater, between 09 and 11 am. The presentation was attended by a total of 32 students. We presented constructive solutions with bituminous membranes for waterproofing in civil engineering.

Both students and teachers have appreciated the quality of presentations and interactive style approach. All they were able to engage students in the process of taught and also managed to answer questions from students.
"We believe that the information received by the students, will be extremely useful in business. Thank Your for company representatives to share our students courtesy of professional and personal experience of living necessary for start-up advice and career development.
The event was a good opportunity to give students UTCB a set of best practices on understanding the standards set by your company on the construction market, both nationally and internationally. "says C.I.C.P.S. Director, Assoc Eng. Mirel Florin DELIA