Pallets are ideal tool in modern logistics systems. They light weight, robust construction and resistance to chemicals, frost, heat and UV radiation, and these are just a few advantages over classic wooden pallets.

The pallets provide increased safety and long life, while providing a very good quality-price ratio.

Can be used at temperatures ranging between -30 ° C and +60 ° C and have a high resistance to chemicals.

Unlike wooden pallets are resistant to moisture and does not favor the development of microorganisms or insects.

Dimensions are designed so as to optimize their use in trucks, containers, warehouses and production plants. They are made ​​from non-toxic raw material, 100% recyclable, making it eco-friendly products.

Stacked pallets are easy to reach and ideal transport capacities. In 90 m³se truck can load up to 2000-2500 euro depending on size. Can be customized hot stamping names, logos, serial numbers or graphics.