Box pallets

Box pallets can be of two kinds: open or closed.

Closed boxes version is suitable for liquids, being resistant to both alkaline solutions diluted and concentrated due to the superior quality of raw materials used in their manufacture.

Both the double wall structure with reinforcements in the corners and in the center, as well as the lower part guarantees high resistance to loading. Because of the rounded corners and drain valve liquids boxes fixed to the body diameter 1 "or 2" boxes inside cleaning is very easy.

Open box pallet is suitable for refrigerated storage space, thanks to their enhanced resistance to freezing and loading capacity.

Box pallets are produced from high quality polyethylene, non-toxic in terms of food, guarantees long life and high resistance against chemical agents, frost, heat and UV radiation.

Depending on the needs of stacking may be provided with slippers.

The boxes can be stamped body name, logo, instructions, serial numbers and graphics.

Box pallets have capacities between 330 and 690 l.