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Spain - Treatment of mixed MSW

Treatment of mixed MSW, 160.000 t/y

Households: 75,000 households with 300,000 inhabitants
In operation: since 2009
Input quantity: 190,000 tons/year
Input material: Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) without separate collection
Regulatory requirements: Meeting national legal requirements for stabilized waste to landfill


• Recyclables: Separation of paper, cardboard, PET, plastic,
FE/NE, textile, glass
• RDF like material for energetic use
• CLO: for agricultural applications
• Landfill: extended lifetime by factor >5

Mass balance /y    
  Tone / an %
Input 160.000 100
Recyclables 78.400 49
CLO 19.200 12
Mass reduction 28.800 18
Landfill 33.600 21