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It is an antiseptic product and a wood insecticide. It is used to preserve wood starting from the phase of saw cutting until the finished wood products.

FUNGI-DEX biocide provides antifungal and insecticide protection for a long time of:

  • wood exposed inside buildings where there is danger of its humidification, which is finished with a film-forming product.
  • wood used in construction where there are minimum conditions of degradation by wood decay fungi but can be attacked by insects
  • wood used in high-risk conditions of biodegradation, where humidity can reach only up to 30%.
  • The protection of the steamed beech, fresh cut beech and coniferous against mouldiness and blueing
  • Protection against the coniferous round wood blueing, fresh cut.
  • It is efficient at very low concentrations and in the concrete admixtures, being inserted in the category of technical defense means against the attacks of biological pests.