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Plasticizers Admixtures

CONPLAST P211 and CONPLAST R - Plasticizers, water reducing and setting retarders admixtures


Product that allows either the required mixing water content’s reduction in fresh concrete without affecting its consistency or the increasing of the workability while maintaining the same water content, or both effects together.


  • Increases the concrete’s workability
  • Increases the concrete strength at the same dosage of cement .
  • Increases the concrete durability .
  • Reduces the permeability of the concrete .
  • Decreases the risk of cracking .
  • Does not contain chlorides or alkali


This product delays the setting time of the concrete


  • Increases the setting time, extending the time of putting into work.
  • Increases the working time of the semi-dry concretes.
  • Improves the put into work of the too cohesive mixtures.
  • Does not contain chlorides.