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Waterproofing admixtures

CONPLAST P211 - water reducing admixture, setting retarder and waterproofing and

CONPLAST X 421 - waterproofing admixture


It is a water reducer at equal consistency and at double dosage is setting retarder and waterproofing.


  • Increases concrete workability
  • Increases concrete strength at the same dosage of cement
  • Increases concrete durability
  • Reduces the permeability of the concrete
  • Decreases the risk of cracking
  • Does not contain chlorides or alkali


Product that reduces the capillary absorption of the hardened concrete thus resulting a high degree of water tightness. At equal consistency is waterproofing in mass.


  • Increases the water/ cement ratio, increases the density and reduces the porosity, resulting a concrete with significant lower permeability
  • Recommended to precast, structural concrete elements, floorings and renderings
  • Ideal for swimming pools, tunnels, basements