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Concrete mattresses

During the last 20 years there has been a significant increase in the use of textile shuttering for use at the water-side or underwater concrete works.

This has been possible due to the introduction of the woven fabrics made of high-tenacity polyamide / polyester yarns coupled with simplified installation procedures with high productivity resulting in reduced working times.

Mattresses filled with concrete are construction elements type lost shuttering with the following areas of application:

  • consolidation/ stabilization of embankments and steep slopes

  • recasting and repairs of pillars, piles and quays

  • various designs for supporting and covering pipes

  • designs for repairing and protecting other concrete constructions


  • fast installation that doesn't require the lakes' depletion or a severe cleaning of the banks;
  • possibility of installation into marine or aggressive mediums (residual waters);
  • conformation to the slope’s shape or to the area that must be repaired.

Depending on the particularities of each project, the concrete mattresses are available in some ranges:

  • double-weave polyamide/polyester filter points mattress with rectangular points

  • double-weave polyamide/polyester mattress with distance threads to control thickness uniformity

  • simple mattress of polyamide / polyester used at the recasting works

  • geotextile sacks or containers

These materials are supplied at the sizes required by projects, in panels with industrial zippers for connecting and plastic funnels for concrete casting, prepared for a quick installation.

In case that some adjustments are needed in site, the material is delivered in rolls at standard sizes and the panels' tailoring, zippers' and funnels' mounting is rapid achieved with portable stitching machines.

Installation is simple and quickly, its success depending on some factors namely:

  • the quality and workability of the concrete filled in the mattresses. It must be a high quality concrete with corresponding resistance that can be easy pumped into the mattress. Water in excess is rapid exhausted through the pores of the geotextile (which acts like a filter) due to the pumping pressure. In case of underwater works, the diver must have a permanent contact with the concrete pumping station.
  • correct mattress fixing in order to avoid a beneath erosion. This can be obtained by trenches excavated along the outer edges of the mattress which is filled with concrete and placed in these or with steel bolts;

  • the support layer on which mattresses are placed. It must be leveled. The level oscillations may be of ±0.15 m/ m2

Iridex Group Plastic SRL has specialized teams in order to realize such works and if case, for difficult underwater works, our company collaborates with specialized teams of divers.