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Polymer mattresses

The natural vegetation provide an excellent erosion protection, however, additional measures must be taken for steep slopes such as slope reinforcement or their strengthening.

The areas subject to periodic flooding, wave action or occasional large flows such as riverbanks, shorelines, ditches and spillways may be subject to the soil erosion. In these cases you need additional material for erosion control that enhance vegetation resistance, but at the same time to be aesthetically.

The range of products offered by our company is used in order to control the surface erosion until the vegetation begins to grow, then providing long-term reinforcement through the root system, therefore by this reason we offer you a wide range of high quality erosion control systems and sedimentation control in order to meet the specific requirements for erosion control.


The products offered for erosion control provides an economical solution for a long term and permanent protection of the slopes against erosion.

  • cheaper method
  • attractive look
  • long term solution
  • easy installation