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Pre-seeded mattresses

Biodegradable pre-seeded blankets - Normally, the soil erosion results from the displacement of soil particles upon the impact with the raindrops, flowing or wind action on a dry surface.

Where natural vegetation is the only solution, GREENFIX helps Nature by simulating the growth protector natural environment which ultimately is restored and the replaces mats.

The biodegradable mats prevent the erosion by absorbing the energy resulted from the precipitations’ impact, isolating the water flows and allowing the passage of water through material in the soil below, thus negating both erosion forces .

The erosion control mats are made of coconut fiber and / or straw / fine fastened together with an easy polymer reinforcing network. The result is a powerful and flexible mattress with dense structure which forms a barrier against wind, rainfall that provides total protection to the soil and seeds, contributing to a long-term growth and development.

The natural constituents of the mattress degrade biologically without affecting the environment. The polymer grid remains intact for a long time, protected against UV radiation by vegetation, providing grass roots reinforcement. If needed, the jute mesh is used instead of the polymers grid.

Product range:

  1. Covamat Plus
  2. Rockmat
  3. Bio-rolls


COVAMAT-PLUS is the last generation of biodegradable mats seeded with natural fertilizer included.

GREENFIX FERTILIZER SOF- A-100 is an organic slow-release additive which provided soil improvement. SOF- A-100 is made from the mycelia of the soil Penicillum chrysogenum. Once GREENFIX Covamat was laid and irrigated, the dewatered granular material serves as a natural nutrient source with slow action.

Due to its biological nature (decomposed biomass of soil fungus) GREENFIX fertilizer SOF- A-100 is a well balanced combination of nutrients and therefore well adapted to a microbial decomposition process in the soil.

GREENFIX fertilizer SOF- A-100 contains a high natural value of important trace elements and vitamins. Including clay minerals increase the storage capacity of nutrients.

Microorganisms and small invertebrates are essential for the humus composition. After GREENFIX SOF-A-100 fertilizer is applied, it results a decomposition of the organic matters and the requirement in the revitalization of the soil is accomplished. From here results the soil biological stability with a better balance of air, moisture and nutrients.


  • Freshly top-soiled embankments
  • Protection of natural embankments
  • New slope cuttings
  • Lake edging
  • Lining new water courses
  • Road ditching
  • Landfills and opencast mining
  • Ski-run vegetation
  • Establishing wild-flowers
  • Balancing lakes and ponds
  • Facing reinforced soil structures


 The Patented GREENFIX ® ROCKMAT is reinforced with steel mesh and gives long term protection to vulnerable slopes.

 Rockmat applications:

  • Calcareous and rocky slopes
  • Temporary excavations
  • Areas with a high risk of erosion
  • Windy areas
  • Coastal and dyke protection

GREENFIX-F3 ROCKMAT is made of unique grass fibres are European origin that provides additional fire resistance according to DIN 4102-2.

GREENFIX F3 (Fire Free Fibres - incombustible fibres) has been especially DESIGNED to be used in situations where fire may be a risk factor, eliminating the risk of fires started by cigarettes, matches or other ignition sources. It is good to use the new ROCKMAT GREENFIX F3 for motorways, railways, gas stations and vulnerable public areas.

3. Bio-nettings

 The coconut fiber rolls are surrounded by netting from same material, being used as organic fascines. They are located on the banks of rivers and channels, especially to absorb wave energy, as for re-vegetation and colonization projects.