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Geocomposite for asphalt reinforcement

The geocomposites for asphalt reinforcement are used to increase the service life of a road pavement delaying the cracks’ transmission in the upper layers.

There are two kinds of geocomposites for asphalt reinforcement:

  1. Geocomposites made ​​of a geogrid and a geotextile specially manufactured for this purpose. The two components are thermally bounded and form a robust material, easy to install. The geogrid with rigid nodes is suitable for increasing the endurance strength of the blankets from the weak foundations, reducing the appearance of paths and providing the control of the reflection cracks. This material is used to reinforce the coating layers with a minimum thickness of 70 mm.
  2. Geocomposites made of a network of glass filaments mounted on a non-woven geotextile. They are used to reinforce the coating layers with a minimum thickness of 40 mm. These are suitable for absorbing the long lasting loads such as those caused by the freeze-thaw cycle and stresses induced by temperature.

Both products are ideal to reinforce the protective layers situated above:

  • concrete slab joints
  • foundations of stabilized ballast
  • airport runways and side roads access
  • the already cracked pavements