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Geosynthetic clay liners

The geosynthetic clay liners are prefabricated products that associate the geosynthetic materials and bentonite, forming a tight and effectively barrier through a material easy to put into work, homogeneous and punching resistant. These products allies a natural material, bentonite, which has a very low permeability due to its swelling capacity with the geosynthetic materials that have the role of protection and eventually sealing.

The geosynthetic clay liners are composed of three layers:

  • A support layer from:
    • woven geotextile made from polypropylene
    • high-density geomembrane
  • A bentonite layer as powder or grains
  • A covering layer from non-woven polypropylene geotextile

Sealing function is generally assured by bentonite which is subjected to a compressive normal stress during hydration to allow for changes in volume.


  • basal sealing at landfills
  • landfill cappings
  • damming
  • reservoirs sealing
  • mining
  • construction works and transport
  • insulating of contaminated lands


The advantages of using geosynthetic clay liners

  • Competitive cost
  • Replace the compacted clay or the geomembranes
  • Good resistance to freeze / thaw and wetting / drying
  • Good behavior on slopes and to differential settlements
  • Easy installation in unfavourable conditions of climate and land
  • Self-repairing
  • No welding
  • Synergy effect when associated with geomembranes in composite seals
  • Replace the compacted clay or geomembranes in ponds, lagoons, channels, irrigation works, swampy  lands, reeds
  • Overlappings are easy to made using bentonite slurry
  • Are compatible with cathodic protections
  • Replace compacted clay or geomembranes in ponds