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Sensor System

SENSOR DDS® - Monitoring systems for safety landfills and control of the pollution. Defects/ leaks detection.

In 1991, in Slovakia was created the SENSOR DDS ® system, a very effective system to detect defects in the geomembrane liners at municipal, industrial and hazardous landfills, lagoons, reservoirs, ponds, etc.

The defects of the sealing are detected by a flow of electric current through the possible infiltrations. This means that any infiltration can be detected before major accidents leading to environmental pollution.

Some special sensors are installed under geomembrane during the landfill construction. They are connected by cables to a control box which is located lateral to the landfill.

After the complete installation of the waterproofing system - drainage / capping, an electrical source is activated above it and any abnormality occurs is registered, thereby detecting the area where the seal is broken. The data obtained in field are interpreted by special software which performs three-dimensional graphics and identify actual locations of the defects.

The locations of these points of infiltration are sent few hours before operation, period allowing the detection of damaged areas and repairing.

The SENSOR DDS ® is available for periods from 6 months to 20 years. After execution, defects testing and possible repairs if necessary, the waterproofing with geomembrane is certified as "without defects". Then regular inspections can be made for the monitoring of the waterproofing system. In addition is also available a continuous monitoring system - SENSOR DDS - CMS ®. Any defect that occurs is immediately detected.

SENSOR DDS ® has been successfully installed since 1991 in more than 30 countries all over the world, including over 400 projects and more than 8 million m2 of waterproofing.

Some benefits of the SENSOR DDS ® system:

  • fast and accurate detection of the damaged areas from geomembranes after finishing the landfill execution
  • the monitoring systems are available for extended periods of time
  • fast and simple installation.
  • detects possible leachate infiltration before the environment is polluted
  • used for municipal, industrial, hazardous landfills, lagoons, reservoirs, mining pools, ponds and others similar to them using geomembrane
  • it is ISO 9001:2000, BAM, TÜV, SKZ, TSUS certified
  • additional support for quality control (CQ); early alarming of the defects from waterproofing without the need for expensive repairs;
  • easy scanning of the geomembrane;
  • providing a technical document and a map with the results of the measurements;
  • easier research in the event of a defect’s appearance;
  • economic solution compared to the budget of the total project.



SENSOR DDS ® is used in the following types of works:


• hydraulic works: sewage, industrial ponds, lagoons, waste storage cells, water tanks, dams, canals.

• civil works and earthworks: lagoons along the highways, bridges, tunnels, pipelines.

• constructions: horizontal garden terraces, waterproofing basements and foundations