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VOLTEX – Bentonite membrane waterproofing for below-ground structural foundations

The Voltex waterproofing system which has proven effective on both new and remedial waterproofing projects was little known in Romania until 5 years ago when it was launched on the market by Iridex Group Plastic company.

The special benefits of Voltex system were made known to designers and experienced professionals in construction field by constantly participating to large audience specialist fairs and seminars with the help of specialists from both the manufacturing company CETCO and Iridex Group Plastic as well.

This remarkable waterproofing system became well known in a short time due to its quality, easiness and fastness of application, low equipment and human resources requirements, being at the same time a cost effective solution.

Voltex doesn’t require adhesives, primers, torching, hot air or brick wall protection. For some under slab application the blinding can be omitted by thoroughly compacting the soil at the minimum density of 85% Modified Proctor. Additionally, Voltex doesn’t require a protection layer. The durability of the system is practically indefinite as Voltex is made of natural bentonite encapsulated between two geotextile layers which are interlocked through a special needle-punch process.

Voltex membranes are simply unrolled on the substrate overlapping the edges a minimum of 10 cm and mechanically fixed with concrete nails and plastic washers and/or by stapling, and is able to successfully withstand weather conditions and construction site related damage. Voltex membranes are self-welding upon contact with water forming a dense and impervious waterproofing membrane which is self-healing when accidentally punctured. Preparatory work is minimum, the productivity is high, the membrane easily adapts to all substrate configurations and is ideal for property line applications: piling, slurry walls, soldier piles and lagging, metal sheet piling, retention walls, etc.

Voltex System Advantages

  • It can be installed practically in any weather conditions and on wet substrates
  • Fast and easy to install – it is unrolled on the substrate, overlapped, mechanically fixed
  • Doesn’t requires primers or adhesives
  • Doesn’t require concrete blinding
  • Doesn’t require concrete layer protection
  • Little surface preparatory works
  • Voltex membrane is flexible and easily adapts when detailing
  • It can be easily installed in „top-down” systems, piling, metal sheet piling or any type of retention system

 Benefits of Voltex System

  • Effective barrier to water, vapours and gases
  • Offers unique solutions for property line constructions
  • It is self-welding and self-healing when accidentally damaged
  • Excellent adherence to concrete
  • Cost-effective
  • Consistently reduces application time
  • Durability – unlimited
  • Tough, strong, resistant to construction related damage
  • Doesn’t require specially qualified applicators


Horizontal and vertical waterproofing for bellow-grade structural foundation under continuous or intermittent hydrostatic pressure. Typical cast-in-place concrete applications include backfilled concrete walls, earth-covered roofs, structural slabs, tunnels, and property line construction. Property line construction applications and top-down systems include soldier pile and lagging, metal sheet piling, shotcrete and stabilized earth retention walls. Where contaminated ground-water or saltwater conditions exist, use Voltex CR with contaminant resistant sodium bentonite. Voltex CR resists higher levels of the contaminants: nitrates, phosphates, chlorides, sulphates, lime and organic solvents.