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Index – Bridge Deck Waterpoofing

Bridge deck waterproofing represents the main protection against serious damages of the bridge structures caused by water penetration, de-icing salts or other corrosive chemical agents. In this strategic field of activity Iridex Group Plastic offers the bitumen membranes range Testudo Spunbond Polyester.

Testudo Spunbond Polyester membranes are reinforced with high weight, isotropic, thermally fixed, rot-proof, “non-woven” single strand Spunbond polyester fabric. The reinforcement is very strong, has a notable ultimate elongation and an optimal resistance to puncture and piercing. The Testudo Spunbond Polyester membranes are made up of distilled bitumen, selected for industrial use, with a high content of elastomeric and plastomeric polymer additives to obtain a phase inversion compound whose continuous phase is formed by polymers in which the bitumen is dispersed, where the characteristics are determined by the polymeric matrix and not by the bitumen even if this is the most consistent ingredient.

The performance of the bitumen is therefore incremented along with the durability and the resistance to high and low temperatures while the already optimum adhesive and impermeable qualities of the bitumen remain unchanged. The membranes are produced in various thicknesses and have the top face coated with a uniformly distributed, fine Seri graphed talc, a patented treatment which makes it possible to quickly unroll the rolls and install the membranes with the reliable and quick welding of the joints and an optimal adherence to the hot asphalt of a fresh road surface. The underside of the membranes is coated with Famine, a plastic film that melts when torched and which is embossed both to obtain the pretension and therefore the optimal retraction of the film and also to offer the torch a greater surface area for faster and more reliable installation.

Testudo Spunbond Polyester membranes are distributed by Iridex Group Plastic as the Romanian partner of the manufacturing company Index, have CE conformity certificates, are approved by the national roads and bridges authorities in France, Italy, Czech Republic and satisfy the approval requirements or AND 577/02 regulation regarding products for bridge deck waterproofing.

Further details regarding Testudo Spunbond Polyester membranes and other types of waterproofing systems manufactured by Index Italy can be found at or