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Innocell Range of Cellulose Fibres for MASF

Due to their tridimensional structure the INNOCELL cellulose fibres maintain a high viscosity of bitumen thus preventing bitumen flowing and binder drainage at high temperatures, during storage, transportation and application. At the same time the fibres ensure a thicker bitumen layer around mineral aggregate particles thus preventing oxidising, humidity penetration and aggregate ascension or cracking.

The manufacturing process of Innocell range of products is based on the new turbine technology that protects the original fibre structure better than any other conventional technology, the main advantages being the low dust content and the high level of uniformity of the fibres.

Depending on the type asphalt plant there can be used natural cellulose fibres Innocell F3000, for continuous flow plants, or Innocell FG3000 for asphalt mixing plants. The micro-granules’ advantage is the quick distribution during dry mixing. Micro-granules are easily and safely releasing the Innocell fibres in a way that improves the efficiency and the quality of MASF production.