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Cristex – Crystalline Technology for Concrete

Cristex is the brand of a crystalline waterproofing system developed to transform porous concrete into an impermeable barrier. The main Cristex products are:

Cristex Concentrate – ready mixed mortar for capillary crystalline concrete waterproofing and protection, for brush, spray and dry shake application, resistant to high negative or positive water pressure.

Cristex Dampproofer – An economical alternative to Cristex Concentrate, for exposure to water with no or low pressure

Cristex Admix – concrete admixture in powder form for the production of waterproof concrete

Cristex Admix HD – double action concrete admixture: crystalline waterproofing and superplasticiser, used for the production of waterproof concrete along with significantly improvement of mechanical resistances at all ages by reducing the water/cement ratio of a concrete mix without increasing the cement consumption. It contains a synthetic polymer which disperse the fine cement particles, improving concrete rheology, workability and compatibility with all cement types.

Cristex Plug – fast setting mortars for instantly plugging water leaks in concrete structures.

How does Cristex works?

In the presence of moisture, the chemically active compounds within Cristex products create a reaction between the un-hydrated concrete particles and water within the concrete matrix that generates millions of insoluble needle-like crystals which block the pores, capillaries and small cracks. It thus forms a permanent and effective barrier to water penetration without affecting the permeability of water vapours and allowing the substrate to breathe. Once they have penetrated into the concrete matrix the chemical compounds of Cristex remain permanently present. Latent when the concrete is dry, Cristex reactivates in the presence of humidity and moisture restarting the process of crystallization and sealing any new potential cracks or water ingress caused by settlement, shrinkage, static or dynamic stress, blocking water penetration as well as significantly inhibiting the carbonation process and penetration of aggressive contaminants like chloride, sulphate and nitrate ions. Laboratory assessments have revealed that besides waterproofing the Cristex treatment virtually improves concrete performance by increasing the compressive strength and its resistance in aggressive environments.

Why Cristex for waterproofing concrete?

Modern concrete structures usually benefit from new advanced design techniques and new technologies that enable them to cost effectively provide higher quality concrete while solving specific problems. The use of Cristex technology is the modern solution to the age-old problem of waterproofing concrete results in a cost effective solution to increase the quality, functionality and lifespan of concrete while reducing ongoing maintenance and opportunity costs associated with modern concrete structures.


Cristex can be successfully used for:

  • Drinking water reservoirs
  • Bridges
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Sewage pipes
  • Tunnels
  • Foundations
  • Underground car park
  • Basements
  • Swimming pools
  • Manholes
  • Diaphragm walls
  • Elevator pits
  • Bathrooms
  • Aquariums

Cristex is a range of products that:

  • Deeply penetrates the concrete matrix, seals and heals cracks up to 0.4 mm
  • Maintains the concrete waterproofing even if the surface layer is accidentally damaged
  • Withstands high positive or negative side water pressure, up to 17 bar
  • Easy to use and economical
  • Improves the concrete mechanical resistance and protects it against chemical attack
  • It forms a barrier to carbonates, chlorides, sulphates, nitrates
  • It can be applied by brush, spray and dry shake on fresh concrete
  • Short curing times, application can be performed on fresh concrete.