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Epoxy-based Flooring Systems

Epoxy-based flooring systems are two-component products which usually consist of a primer layer to promote optimum adhesion to the substrate, a levelling layer, another layer to improve the system’s resistance, a finishing layer in order to protect, harden and provide the glossy or mat appearance (according to requirements).

Epoxy systems are the most popular due to their cost effectiveness in applications that are both aesthetic and practical, preserving also the integrity of the substrate by the waterproofing effect and being easy to clean, without requiring high abrasion resistance or heavy loads exposure.

These type of coatings are recommended for light traffic, foot traffic, kitchens, food processing areas, exhibition areas, showrooms or private garages.

For a proper application the minimum concrete class should be C16/20, age minimum 28 days, humidity content under 4%, the surfaces must be dry, protected from rising damp and free of materials that might prevent bonding (e.g. dust, loose particles, grease etc.)

When a glossy surface is required apply the system as described above.

When an anti-slip surface is required, after the primer application pour the epoxy resin on the floor, spread it with a roller or a suitable tool depending on the specified thickness, then use a special spiky-roller for each layer to release any possible entrapped air and avoid the formation of bubbles. If it is necessary to walk on freshly laid compound, it is recommended to use spiked shoes. For the creation of a completely non-slip surface, it is recommended on a still fresh layer the dredging of dry, quartz sand 0,1-0,4 mm or 0,4-0,8 mm depending on the desired anti-slipping effect. Consumption of quartz sand: approx. 4 kg/m2. After hardening of epoxy coating, any loose grains are being removed using a high suction vacuum cleaner. Finally a finishing layer of epoxy resin is applied for the creation of an acid proof, easy to clean, non-slip surface.


  • POLEPOX DP 815 – epoxi-based, two-component, anti-dust, with surface hardening and penetrating effects, transparent or coloured
  • POLEPOX COAT 873 – self-leveling, epoxi-based, two-component, slightly elastic flooring system
  • POLEPOX FLOOR 817 – self-leveling, epoxi-based, three-component flooring system
  • POLEPOX COAT 814 – self-leveling, epoxi-based, two-component flooring system


  1. Prevents floorings from creating dust, strengthening their durability and resistance.
  2. Resistant to mechanical stresses, wearing from friction and chemical effects against acid solutions, alkalis, oil, grease, etc.
  3. Can be easily repaired locally providing a proper roughening of the surface by mechanical means.  
  4. Ideal for hospitals, food industry - for antibacterial use