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Other Products

Concrete structural repair has recently became an import market. Huge investments are annually made for repairing and protecting existing concrete structures as developing new constructions has decreased.

The new technologies allow developing new materials, with outstanding characteristics that can increase the lifespan of the buildings.

Iridex Group Plastic offers:

  • Mortars for structural repair and reprofiling concrete structures to the initial shape and functionality
  • Fast-setting mortars for instant plugging water leaks, fast repairs and anchoring
  • Sulphate resistant and chemically resistant mortars
  • Anchoring mortars in order to increase or reinstate the load capacity of structural concrete elements
  • Elastic waterproofing mortars
  • Grouting mortars
  • Mortars and grouts for underwater applications
  • Fairing mortars
  • Movement joint sealants
  • Joint sealants for runways and concrete platforms
  • Water-stops for sealing construction joints
  • Elastic waterproofing membranes with various viscosities and properties for drinking water or waste water structures, basements, pools, retention walls.

The cement based mortars are mostly one-component, ready to use and require only site addition of water, are shrinkage compensated, being mixed with polymers or reinforced with polypropylene, have high mechanical resistance and adherence even without priming, can be applied in thick layers without shuttering, do not contain chloride admixtures.