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Urea Spray 400 – Waterproofing and Protection with Polyurea

Polyurea is a 2 component polymer (isocyanate and a mixture of resins) that forms a continuous, waterproof coating that has no harmful effect on the environment. It is used for surface waterproofing and protection against mechanical and chemical stress, abrasion and corrosion.

Polyurea is an extremely durable product due to its excellent mechanical and chemical resistance. It is biologically stable and has a high resistance when exposed to corrosive substances, acids, alkali or hydrocarbons (oil, grease, etc.).


  • Fast curing (can be walked on in 5 minutes), easy to maintain and long term durability
  • Excellent waterproofing and anti-corrosive protection properties
  • High thermal stability
  • High mechanical and chemical resistance:
  • Elongation 400%, fits perfectly on the surfaces
  • It forms a continuous, waterproofing & protective coating without joints
  • Solid content 100%, free of VOC
  • High abrasion, impact, wear resistant
  • UV resistant


Due to its remarkable mechanical, chemical and thermal characteristics the elastomeric polyurea coating can be successfully used in a large range of applications:

  • Flooring systems
  • Roofs, green roofs
  • Foundations
  • Tanks, clarifiers, digesters
  • Underground steel pipes
  • Food & drinks processing areas
  • Factories
  • Production facilities


Polyurea vs. polyurethane resins:

  • Larger working temperature range
  • Free of catalyst – low risk of blistering
  • Superior braking resistance,
  • It can be applied below 50C

Polyurea vs. epoxy resins:

  • It has the same performance in exterior areas
  • Higher abrasion and impact resistance
  • It can be applied below 50C


UREA SPRAY 400 – aromatic polyurea with the elongation at break of 400% and highly resistant to abrasion and corrosion.

UREA SPUR – aromatic polyurea for soft substrates: roofing, polyurethane foam, etc.

UREA TOP SW – Aliphatic polyurethane, UV resistant, doesn’t modifies colour in time


-          UREA PRIM CONCRETE – primer for porous substrates: concrete, brickwork, wood

-          UREA PRIM METAL – primer and cathodic protection for steel substrates


Volatile organic compounds – VOC (g/l) 0
Working temperature (0C) -20 ÷ +80
Maximum temperature for occasional use (0C)                150
Can be walked on (min.) 5
Fully cured (hours) 24
Elongation at break (%) - according to EN 123111-2 345-400
Adhesion on concrete „Pull-off test” (PSI, MPa) – according to EN 1542 >434, >3
Adhesion on steel „Pull-off test” (PSI, MPa) – according to EN 1542 >651, >4,5
Crack bridging capacity – according EN 1062-7 Class B4.1; A5
UV resistance – 500 h (500C, 50 W/m2)    Passed
Relative humidity during application 15-90%