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Polyurethane flooring systems: NITODEK

NITODEK polyurethane systems are based on modified polyurethane resins and are specially designed to waterproof and protect the concrete platforms of multi-storey car parks, with exterior or interior exposure, sidewalks, ramps, for new or existant structures.

Waterproofing solves the damaging effect upon concrete and steel reinforcment caused by water penetration, water which can become even more agressive if it contains de-icing salts.

In this type of car parks, with huge concrete surfaces exposed to vibrations caused by the dynamic loading cycles, concrete cracking is inevitable. Sealing and protecting cracks with competitive products will result in increasing the life span of the strucutures, in high quality conditions, which will significantly reduce maintainace costs and having the certainty of minimal damage.

Because modified polyurethane has a very good crack bridging capacity the use of these systems is recommended when compared to epoxy systems.

Another factor that leads to damaging the concrete surfaces of a car park is abrasion, eliminated as well by the high abrasion resistance of Nitodek systems.

Our goal is to provide the best technical solutions in order to achieve the highest quality outcome.

Nitodek Systems involve the usage of polyurethane resin coatings in various unit consumption with the addition of certain amounts of quartz sand, using different primers depending on the substrate condition and a final finish coating, UV resistant or not, according to the actual exposure conditions. This versatility requires the use of the five systems NITODEK depending on traffic loads.  


  • Cost effective for high quality coatings
  • Similar quality for new or existent substrates
  • Fire resistant, chemical resistant to oil, brake fluid, grease
  • Aesthetic, available in a large colour range
  • UV resistant, excellent colour stability
  • High static and dynamic crack bridging capacity
  • High mechanical resistance
  • The high compatibility between the systems allows the optimisation of the project’s final cost by using a combination of systems