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Purinject – Polyurtehane Resins for Crack Injection

Concrete has a natural tendency to crack and the main cause of cracking is the occurrence of contractions in both plastic and hardened state. Sometimes these cracks are insignificant and can be ignored or superficially treated. If they are deep and the openings are higher than the maximum crack opening allowance they can affect the durability, the structural stability, structural aesthetics and performances. In this case they have to be treated using proper techniques adapted for each case. One of the most effective method, mainly in the case of leaking or wet cracks, is the polyurethane resin injection with Purinject.

Purinject polyurethane resins can seal and accommodate movements caused by cracking and/or to stop water seepage. The one-component resins are transforming into foam in contact with water and are used for fast stopping water leakages. The two-component resins are transforming into a flexible gel or into foam as well, like one-component ones, and are used for wet or dry cracks.

Before choosing a solution that involves resin injection it is extremely important to establish the root cause that led to cracking. The type of Purinject resin will be selected according to the actual situation, if they are active or passive, structural or non-structural, wet or dry, leaking or not leaking. Even if Purinject resins has an undeniable quality the success of a resin injection procedure depends also upon: surface preparation, resin preparation, application equipment, Health & Safety requirements, etc.